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BMW 750iL Replica

published 12/3-2011, updated 24/11-2019     by PS

Brian Uiga, a skilled James Bond fan and owner of a BMW 750iL like the one seen in the film 'Tomorrow Never Dies' have created a replica of the rocket launching sunroof seen in the film.

The car was on display at a charity event last night for New Year's Eve 2010/11. The event raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Boys and Girls Club in Santa Paula. The sunroof was fitted with an on-board monitor and Playstation 2 so guests could play "From Russia With Love" or "James Bond Racing".

Note the number plate is also the same as the film car.

The last two pictures are screen captures from the film Tomorrow Never Dies. As you can see Brian has done an excelent job! Thank you very much for sharing your creation Brian. May it give you room on the highways.

BMW 750iL Replica

The rockets and remote.

BMW 750iL Replica

Count down to New Years Eve 2011.

BMW 750iL Replica

After New Years Eve the 'Tear Gas' was added to the action.

Screen shots from Tomorrow Never Dies

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  • Brian is member of Star Car Central a group of owners/builders of famous TV and Film vehicle replicas.

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