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published 17/11-2014, updated 24/11-2019     by PS

The TV series Transporter (2012-), starring Chris Vance, features an Audi A 8 TDI quattro as the preferred means of transportation for the series main figure, Frank Martin. The cars license plate rings a bell: FMT 216A - Close, but no cigar. It qualifies for space on the BMT 216A website, though. We think the production team of the Transporter series, would like to pay a homage to the car we love. The license plate FMT 216A is see in 'The Diva' 2014 (season 2, episode 6). By the way the EU license plate shown is CZ for Czech Republic. In 'Sex, Lies and Videotape' 2014 (season 2, episode 7) the license plate suddenly is French!

Thank you to Philip Marte for the pictures and bringing this to our attention. And to 'HuUuB' for the picture of the A8 with American license plate, spotted in an episode in Season 2.

Czech license plate

French license plate

American license plate

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