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Thunderball Preparations

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These photos from Nassau, 1965, are the private pictures of William Creighton. He worked as a carpenter and model-maker on some of the early James Bond films, Goldfinger and Thunderball. Though he is uncredited for his work.

The pictures gives a glimse of the process of making the full size mock-up of the Avro Vulcan B.1 used for the underwater filming in the Bahamas. And there's also picture of the 'Flying Fish' in what seems to be a test run in Nassau harbour. The last picture give a glimse of the cocoon and 'the third Disco Volante' a yacht named 'Natoya'.

Thank you very much to for letting us use the pictures.

William Creighton posing in front of the painted Vulcan bomber.

Building the Vulcan bomber mock-up in progress.

The finished Vulcan mock-up ready for the sea.

Disco Volante in Nassau harbour 1965.

The Disco Volante cocoon and 'Natoya'.

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