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The Boat Chase in From Russia With Love

published 27/2-2005, updated 24/11-2019    by PS

Some rare personal photos belonging to Peter Twiss, OBE, DSC, who drove one of the boats in 'From Russia with Love'.

When researching for information on the boats from the second James Bond film 'From Russia with Love' we came in contact with the webmaster of The Fairey Owners Club in UK, Tony Hamilton-Hunt. He happens to know Peter Twiss, and they kindly shared their knowledge with us. We got their permission to publish these old photos Tony carefully scanned.

Peter Twiss is a former test pilot, and former world airspeed record holder. The record of 1.132 mph was set in 1956 in a Fairey Delta 2 jetplane. When Fairey Aviation sold, he joined Fairey Marine, and he was a natural choice for piloting one of the boats during filming of the boat chase in 'From Russia With Love'.

All photographs have been reproduced here with kind permission of Peter Twiss, OBE, DSC. Captions by Peter Twiss and Tony Hamilton-Hunt.


All photos are of course the property of Peter Twiss and permission must be sought from before any copying or reproduction of them.

All photographs have been reproduced here with kind permission of Peter Twiss, OBE, DSC and carefully scanned by Tony Hamilton-Hunt of The Fairey Owners Club. We are very thankful for their kind coorperation.

View showing all five Fairey Marine boats on Loch Crinan, Scotland. Note that James Bond's Huntress is at the bottom of the photo and the camera Huntsman 28 is the left hand boat (camera is covered with a tarpaulin).

Out on trials on a calm Loch Crinan with James Bond being chased by all three Spectre boats.

Peter Twiss is seen here driving James Bond's Huntress during pre-filming trials to ensure the release of the oil drums performs without a hitch. Note that you can see the Loch Crinan Hotel in the background. All the film crew and the staff from Fairey Marine stayed here during the filming and Peter Twiss remembers that they were treated like royalty.

Another fine shot of Peter Twiss driving Bond's Huntress, this shot shows that all the drums have now been released into the water.

Peter Twiss driving the Huntsman 28 camera boat on Loch Crinan.

A view of the three Fairey Marine Spectre chase boats on Loch Crinan.

Another view of the Spectre chase boats.

Both Fairey Marine Huntsman 28s are caught in front of the Loch Crinan hotel.

This photo shows Sean Connery at the helm of the Fairey Huntress and Daniella Bianchi along with two of the Fairey Marine employees enjoying a break during the filming.

Photo taken from the Huntsman 28 camera boat during a film sequence.

Back at the Loch Crinan base and crews find time to relax during a break in filming. Notice Bond's Huntress behind complete with all four oil drums.

Daniella Bianchi at the helm of Bond's Huntress during a break.

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