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Original BMT 216A revolving number plate

published 23/2-2008, updated 24/11-2019     by PS

We have often wondered. What happend to the gadgets of the promotion Aston Martin DB5 of 'Goldfinger'. The car was converted to a standard Aston Martin DB5 and sold after end of the promotion tours. As you might know, you are able to find the story on our Aston Martin DB5 datasheet.

One day a mail arrived:
'The Aston Martin DB5 Revolving number plate BMT 216A from the original effects car still exists. I have the original plate. Regards Ray'

What a teaser! ... soon afterwards arrived the following pictures and story.

By courtesy of Ray we are proud to bring his story:

In 1966, I started working for Aston Martin at Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire in the service department. The effects Bond Car BMT 216A was a regular sight in the service department after public appearances and street carnivals etc.

Souvenir hunters took their toll and the car was beginning to look a bit worse for wear as you can see from the condition of the number plate.

In 1968 the effects car BMT 216A was recalled to Newport Pagnell workshops where all non standard Aston Martin equipment was removed.

Sometime after I noticed a scrap metal skip and could see there were removed parts from the James Bond effects car. The rectangular number plate BMT 216A was amongst them.

Since that day I can't walk past a skip without looking never know what you may find!

Regards Ray

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