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Jaguar XJ (X351) LWB

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Jaguar XJ (X351) LWB
M's Jaguar on Wauxhall Bridge, London
Jaguar XJ (X351) LWB
Skyfall, 2012
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Skyfall - 2012
Company vehicle
Vehicle Bond drives



M's car in London. Seen as she rushes to MI6 HQ, just to see the HQ be blown up by Silva. Later James Bond poses as its driver and hijacks M. He is taking her to his garage where he reveals the Aston Martin DB5 for their journey to Skyfall in Scotland.


The Jaguar XJ (X351) model, which started sale in 2010, is the last and final version of the Jaguar XJ executive saloons from Jaguar Cars, succeding the XJ line produced since 1968. The model was originally build in Birmingham, England but are also assembled from kits in Pune, India.

It is interesting that M's car this time is not a model from "the top shelf" but the weakest twin-turbo diesel version from the "Portfolio" style line. Well, its her mobile office, not a chase car.


From 2010 to 2015 a total of 102.396 X351 units were sold worldwide.

One X351 is in use by the British royal family and an armoured version is used by the british government. It has been used by three British Prime Ministers (Boris Johnson, Theresa May and David Cameron).





Technical Data

  • Manufacturer: Jaguar Land Rover UK
  • Model: Jaguar XJ (X351) LWB
  • Year: 2011
  • Engine: 3 litre V6 Diesel Twin turbo
  • Power: 275 PS (202kW, 271hp) @ 4.000
  • Transmission: 6 speed automatic
  • Length: 5,247m
  • Wheelbase: 3,157m
  • Suspension: Steel coil front, air suspension rear
  • Height: 1,448m
  • Weight: 1.874 kg (4.131 lbs)
  • Wheels: 20 inch Kasuga alloy
  • Top speed: 250 kmh (155mph) electronically limited
  • Acceleration 0-100kmh:  6.4sec 
  • Colour: Black
  • License plate: 0V6I FVF


  • Privileged car blue lights




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