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Sunbeam Alpine
Sunbeam Alpine
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Published 03/12-2000
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Bond's car in Jamaica.
The first car-chase in the Bond films. On the way to pick up Miss Taro in the Jamaica mountains, agent 007 is chased by a hearse.

The actual car used for filming was hired by the production company from a local woman. She was paid fifteen shillings per day.

The engine was a twin-carb version of the 1592cc, four cyl. engine Hillman used in their Minx. Overdrive was optional. Designed by Ken Howes and in production 1959 - 1968. A total of 19.956 mark II was produced.

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007 relation

Dr. No (1962)

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Technical data

  • Manufacturer: Rootes (UK)
  • Model: Sunbeam Alpine Series II
  • Year: 1961
  • Engine: 1592 cc, 4-cyl. twin-carb.
  • Power: 80 bhp at 5500 rpm
  • Transmission: 4-speed
  • Suspension: Coil/wishbone - semi-elliptic
  • Brakes: Disc-drum
  • Performance: Max. speed 97 mph
  • Colour: Lake blue
  • Numberplate: Z 8301



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