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LaSalle Hearse
Hearse arriving to pick up the assasins
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Published 30/01-2008
Updated 04/11-2012 11:11



The first James Bond movie - and the first action scenes featuring this vehicle as a henchmen car.

The gang who previously shoot Strangways and his secretary pursued Bond on the way to miss Taro house. The pre-war hearse performed astonishingly well on the sandy road, following the small, fast sporty Sunbeam, The hearse driver however took a wrong decision seeing the roadblock - the hearse went off the road and crashed in a spectacular way.

LaSalle was a GM sister company created in 1927, assigned to fill the market gap (defined mainly by price level) between the Buick and Cadillac (top segment). This marque ackquired lot of attention with very modern design style, confortable interriors and very detailed top-point finishing with special care of the details. Smooth oval lines, lot of chrome add-ons that was attracting the eyes.

The LaSalle ended its quite succesfull living in 1940. Two attempts to reactivate the marque in 60 and 70 ended considered as not the LaSalle spirit and ran as Buick and Cadillac projects.

For the movie purposes two cars were used: LaSalle was the main car star. The crash scene was filmed with a diffferent hearse (some says it was Humber.). Unfortunately the sequence was so dramatic and long enough to mark the difference and report the movie continuity goof.

LaSalle marque can be spotted on the US and Australia car shows - cars restaured to the original state can be bought for quite expensive price. Hearses/ambulances (commercial chassis) are very rare, but due to the low mileage ;) and function they still can be found in perfect shape - like this one for example.

Where is our 'Dr. No' movie star and who loaned car for filming? This still remains a mystery.

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007 relation

Dr. No (1962)

  • Villain/henchmens vehicle
  • Persuers vehicle

Technical data

  • Manufacturer: General Motors Corporation
  • Model: Series 39-50 LaSalle Hearse/Ambulance
  • Year: 1939
  • Engine: V-8, 322 cui ( 5,27 l)
  • Power: 125 BHP @ 3400 rpm
  • Transmission: 3 gear manual, automatic in option(?)
  • Wheelbase: 156" for commercial chassis, 120" for series cars
  • Tire Size: 7.00x16 inch
  • Weight; unknown ( 3735-3830 lbs was typical weight for 120" wheelbase cars)
  • Colour: Black