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GAZ-3102 Volga
GAZ-3102 Volga
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Published 27/02-2005
Updated 04/11-2011 04:11



This is General Ourumov's get away car, but he is chased by a T54 tank driven by James Bond. The result is one of the most spectacular chases in a James Bond film.

This is the fourth (or third - some car historicians don't count first model change in 1968) generation of Volga cars. First model was built in 1955. Goldeneye model was produced between 1992-1997, got really new look, but it didn't last to reach such fame as it had previous (VIP cars, internal security e.g. STASI, KGB).

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007 relation

Goldeneye (1995)

  • Villain/henchmens vehicle

Technical data

  • Manufactor: GAZ, Russia
  • Type: GAZ 3102/31029
  • Engine: ZMZ-4062.10
    4 in-line cylinders, 16-valve
  • Power: 130,6hp (96 kW) at 5200 rpm
  • Length: 4,96 m
  • Width: 1,8 m
  • Height: 1,42 m
  • Wheel base: 2,8 m
  • Maximum speed: 163 kmH
  • Colour: Black