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Shark Hunter II
Perry submarine
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Published 13/04-2014
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This submarine was used for the underwater chase scenes in 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. It attacks James Bond and Trible X in their Lotus Esprit submarine.

It is also seen in two short scenes in 'License To Kill': Stored in the Wavechrest warehouse. And later leaving the warehouse.

Originally designed by Richard Brown for transporting personnel, conducting underwater surveys, and for recreation purposes.
When representatives from Pinewood Studios visited the builder to talk about the submersible Lotus Esprit details - they caught a glimse of the Shark Hunter hull. Impressed by its construction they decided to put it in the movie. The script was rewritten to include it in the underwater chase scene.
The vehicle still exists and is operational - on 22.04.2005 the former owner sold this submarine via an Ebay auction for 37.500 USD. In 2006 and 2016 it was on auction again, this time at Heritage Auction, but still no sale.

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007 relation

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

  • Villain/henchmens vehicle
  • Persuers vehicle

Technical data

  • Manufacturer: Perry Oceanographics inc.
  • Model: Shark Hunter II
  • Engine: brushless electric motor
  • Length: 4,57 m (15 feet)
  • Max depth: 137 m (450 feet)
  • Max speed: 3,5 knots
  • Range: 18-20 miles
  • Battery duration: 5-6h
  • Capacity: 2 persons
  • Colour: Yellow


  • Two harpoons