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The Flying Saucer
The Flying Saucer
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Published 10/04-2011
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'The Flying Saucer' or in Italian 'Disco Volante' is the seagoing headquarter of Maximillian Largo (Karl Maria Brandauer). Largo is SPECTREs number one man in the field, leading the operation,

James Bond is 'invited' aboard, sucked in through the underwater hatch when he and Felix are inspecting the yacht underwater.

The real world yacht was named Nabilia. In 1993 it was refit. It's current owner has renamed it Kingdom 5KR. It is still today (2011) one of the 100 largest yachts in the world. It was custom build in Italy in 1980 by Benetti for a Saudi billionaire, but have changed owners a couple of times since. Original price tag 100 million USD.

The owner can invite 22 guests to stay as the yacht has 11 suites. The five decks originally contained, besides the suites, a cinema for 12, a pool and helipad. Two tenders was also aboard.

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007 relation

Never Say Never Again (1983)

  • Villain/henchmens vehicle
  • Vehicle Bond is passenger in

Technical data

  • Manufactor: Benetti, Italy
  • Type: Motor Yacht
  • Year: Build 1980, refitted 1993
  • Engine: 2 x NNOHAB-POLAR F216V-C750
  • Power: 3000hp / 2237kW each
  • Propulsion: Twin Screw
  • Length: 86m (282' 15")
  • Beam max.: 13,2m (43' 31")
  • Draught: 4,7m (15' 5")
  • Gross Tonnage: 1.768 tonnes
  • Cruising speed: 17 knots
  • Max speed: 20 knots
  • Range: 8500 nm @ 17 knots
  • Passengers: 22
  • Crew: 31


  • Underwater hatch



  • Benetti Yachts - The Italian shipyard building the Kingdom 5KR named the Flying Saucer in the film Never Say Never Again. The shipyard are designing and building luxury yachts.
  • Kingdom 5KR - The yacht The Flying Saucer data and details. Largest yacht of the world rank.

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