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Slingsby SAH2200
Slingsby SAH2200
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Published 12/10-2003
Updated 27/03-2011 04:03



Opening scene: The hovercraft where Bond fights Colonel Moon. It is destroyed when it tumbles over the top of a waterfall taking Moon to his final destiny while Bond is 'saved by the bell'.

Griffon Hovercraft Ltd. provided two instructors/drivers (The owner John Gifford and Rob Trussler) to drive both the large and small craft, and to train all the stunt men on both craft. The company also provided all hovercraft advice on location and technical advice for the required craft modifications.

Two Slingsby SAH2200 was modified by Griffon Hovercraft Ltd. to meet the requirements of the film company.

One of the crafts are now owned by Max Houliston.

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007 relation

Die Another Day (2002)

  • Villain/henchmens vehicle
  • Vehicle Bond drives
  • Vehicle Bond is passenger in

Technical data

  • Manufactor: Slingsby Aviation
  • Model: Slingsby SAH 2200
  • Length: 10.60 m
  • Beam: 4.20 m
  • Height (off cushion): 2.60 m
  • Maximum speed light load: 40 knots
  • Maximum speed fully laden: 32 knots
  • Maximum windspeed: 25 knots
  • Average fuel consumption: 25lt/hr
  • Maximum range: 500 N miles
  • Obstacle clearance: 0,50 m
  • Disposable load: 2.200kg
  • Crew:2
  • Colour: Millitary green



  • Antitank grenade launcher
  • Flamethrower
  • Machinegun
  • Elevation weapon locker