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Spirit 54
Spirit 54
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Published 17/05-2008
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Bond uses this yacht during his reconvalescence. Together with Vesper he sails to Venice. Good to know that this vehicle was not destroyed during "standard operating procedures" - it would be real loss... :)

This superb looking classic yacht represents piece of good English craftsmanship art. Classical wood construction, great lines, construction details are making it a superb entertainment boat - for cruises and races. It's behaviour and performances requires a bit of experience from the skipper.

For the filming purposes the Venetian superriors allowed the crew to pass the Grand Canal between the Academy and Rialto bridge. Noone knows when a sailboat last was seen in this part of Venice, crossing it for sails - for sure it must have been a few centurys ago. The yacht was sailed to the Bahamas and Venice by one of the owners of Spirit Yachs, Mick Newman and his vife Wiss. They also acted as stand-ins for Daniel Craig and Eva Green during filming some of the sailing scenes in Venice.

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Casino Royale (2006)

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Technical data

  • Manufacturer: Spirit Yachts, UK
  • Model: Spirit 54
  • Type: classical keel monococque - Sloop rigging type
  • Length overall: 16,7m (54'9")
  • Length at waterline: 12,1m (39'8")
  • Beam: 3,3m (10'10")
  • Draft: 2,3m (7'6")
  • Displacement: 7,8 tonnes
  • Ballast Ratio: 40%
  • Hull: Wooden construction from brasilian cedar and mahogany, Aluminium mast and boom (carbonfibre in option)
  • Sails: mainsail + Genoa manufactured in high-performance Pentex sailcloth
  • Sail Area: 347 m (21140 sq. ft.). Other sail types on demand.
  • Engine: Yanmar 4JH3-E 56hp diesel, indirect cooled, mounted in separate sound isolated space.
  • Fuel tank: 180l
  • Electricity: Two 175ah marine batteries for domestic use. Separate 105Ah battery dedicated for engine start.
  • Price: 550 000 GPB excl. VAT (2008) for basic version.
    Option list contains 32 add-ons :)