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Sunseeker Predator 108
Sunseeker Predator 108
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Published 20/06-2008
Updated 20/06-2008 04:06



Le Chiffre's floating luxurious headquarter in the Bahamas. First seen when Valenka climbs aboard after a sunset swim. A high stakes poker game takes place and we learn that Le Chiffre is weaping blood. It is to the yacht Alex Dimitrios comes to meet Le Chiffre before going to Miami.

As custom in 007 films not only Bond likes beatyfull women, style and luxury. His oponents has also developed ataste for the luxury and expensive side of life. And yachts are often a part of their desire. This Sunseeker Predator 108 is a good example: It is stylish, potent and fast. The 75 tonnes boat can reach a formidable speed of 42 knots, thats just over 77 km/h! But it comes with a pricetag arround GBP 5 million.

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007 relation

Casino Royale (2006)

  • Villain/henchmens vehicle

Technical data

  • Manufactor: Sunseeker International Limited
  • Type: Predator 108
  • Engine: 3 x MTU 2000 Series
  • Power: up to 7200 hp total
  • Propulsion: Direct gear drive through triple Arneson surface drives
  • Length overall: 32,9m (108')
  • Length waterline: 24,34m (79'10")
  • Beam max.: 6,3 m (20'8")
  • Displacement half load: 76 t (167.600 lbs)
  • Top speed: 42 knots
  • Range: up to 450 miles
  • Crew: 4





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  • Sunseeker - A leader in the design and build of luxury motoryachts. Sunseeker boats has been used in four James Bond films.