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Ford Ka
Ford Ka

Published 08/10-2011
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Camille gives Bond a lift beleaving him to be a geologist selling Green's plans.

The metallic gold color with exterior graphics and special interior trim was created specially for the film. The car was marked Hydrogen, but its not clear wether the film car was actually powered by Hydrogen fuel cells. Probably not.

The Ka mk2 model is developed and produced by Fiat for Ford and build in Fiat's Poland factory. It's an Europena model, considered too small for the American market.

by MS & PS

007 relation

Quantum of Solace (2008)

  • Allieds/friends vehicle
  • Vehicle Bond is passenger in

Technical data

  • Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
  • Model: KA mk2 (European model)
  • Year: 2008
  • Length: 3,62 m
  • Width: 1,66 m
  • Height: 1,51 m
  • Engine: 1,3 R4, 16V, diesel
  • Power: 75 hp @ 1.500 rpm
  • Moment: 145 Nm @ 3.000 rpm
  • Transmission: 5-step manual
  • Steering: Electrically assisted
  • Max. speed: 161 km/h
  • Colour: metallic gold
  • Number plate: 2311 B