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Cessna 172P Skyhawk
Cessna 172

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License to Kill

On their way to Felix Leiter's (David Hedison) wedding, James Bond (Timothy Dalton) and Felix had to make a detour making a mid air arrest of Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) trying to flea in a Cessna 172P. From the Dauphin Coast Guard helicopter shadowing the Cessna, 007 is lowered down midair to the Cessna, attaching a wire to the tail.

The registration number N54743 is fake. No plane had that registration at the time of filming - some sources says the number was changed from N54748. One of the four planes used for the filming was advertising for a skydiving company in Sugarloaf Airport, Sugarloaf Key, Florida. The plane is the one actually lifted and towed by the Coast Guard helicopter. It has a smaller engine just making the propellor spinning during the filming. After been discovered in Sugarloaf Key it has now been aquired by The Ian Fleming Foundation and restored.


The plane James Bond and Natalya flies to Cuba in is a 1984 Cessna 172P Skyhawk, registration number N96816. Construction number: 17276119. This planes engine is a Lycoming 0-320 SERIES. The plane is privately owned and located in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

The Cessna 172P was in production from 1981 to 1986. (It was a Cessna 172P Mathias Rust landed behind the Ironcurtain on the Red Square, in the heart of Moscow in 1987)

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007 relation

License to Kill (1989)

  • Villain/henchmens vehicle
  • Vehicle Bond steals

Goldeneye (1995)

  • Vehicle Bond drives

Technical data

  • Manufactorer: Cessna Aircraft Company, U.S.A.
  • Model: Cessna 172
  • Accommodation : 4 Seat
  • Span: 11.02 m (36'2 ft)
  • Length: 8.20 m (26'11 ft)
  • Height: 2.70 m (8'10 ft)
  • Weight
    empty: 572 kg (1.260 lb)
    max: 1043 kg (2300 lb)
  • Power Plant: 145hp Continental O-300-C
    Military versions had 180 and 210 hp engines; in newer versions (Goldeneye era) engine power vary between 150 and 180 hp
  • Performance
    max speed: 222 km/h (138 mph)
    max climb: 645 ft/min (197 m/min)
  • ceiling: 13.100 ft (3.993 m)
  • range: 1.158 km (720 miles)



  • FlightAware - The Goldeneye Cessna 172P.
  • N54748 - Photo of Sanchez plane retired as a advertising sign for a skydiving company in Sugarloaf Airport, Sugarloaf Key, Florida.