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VW beetle

Published 28/04-2002
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In 'On Her Majestys Secret Service' Bond is shadowed by a man.

In 'Octopussy'  Bond gets lifted by a German couple.

In 'Quantum of Solace'  Camille helps Bond get away from the Grand Hotel after unsuccesful MI6 arresting attempt.

Two words lasts for whole description... legendary car.
Designed by Ferdinand Porsche (well... with lot of ideas from Tatra). Prototypes were build and tested within 1934-1938. During World War 2 the car was produced only in special, heavily modified versions for the army (even amphibias !). The civilian production started in 1945.
The last Beetle left the production line on 30.07.2003 in Puebla(Mexico), almost 72 years after the very first prototype was built. Serial number counter stopped at 21.529.464.

With a production number like that, it isn't a surprise, that a lot of cars was customized and modified. One of the most popular modifications was to a off-roader. Such an car, called a Dune or Beach Buggy was featured in the Bond film 'For Your Eyes Only'.

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007 relation

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

  • Allieds/friends vehicle

Octopussy (1983)

  • Vehicle Bond is passenger in

Quantum of Solace (2008)

  • Allieds/friends vehicle
  • Vehicle Bond is passenger in

Technical data

  • Manufacturer: Volkswagen (Germany)
  • Body type: 2 door Sedan
  • Length: 408 cm
  • Width: 158,5 cm
  • Height: 150 cm
  • Wheelbase:  242 cm
  • Weight: aprox. 810-890 kg, depending of engine and equipment
  • Tank capacity: 40l
  • Suspension front/rear: Macpherson strut/Independent Swinging Semi-axle with Trailing arm
  • Engine: VW4/boxer,
     1131ccm/24.5 HP, torque 67Nm;  (till 1954)
     1192ccm/34HP, torque 76Nm; most popular
     1285 ccm/44HP, torque 87Nm; most popular
     1584ccm/50HP, torque 106Nm (1966-1970 - model VW1500)
  • Engine placement: rear, longitudinal, rear wheel drive
  • Gearbox: manual, 4 shift
  • Breaks front/rear: drum/drum
     (S versions and VW1500 were equipped with disk breaks at front)
  • Turning diameter: 9,60 m
  • Max speed :  130 km/h
  • Colour: White ('Octopussy') Gray ('Quantum of Solace')