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Opel Senator 3.0i
Opel Senator 3.0i
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Published 11/09-2005
Updated 30/12-2017 09:12



Third generation of the Senator serie - this car is the twin brother of the first Opel Omega. This generation was called "model B" and was with small updates (model C and D) produced from 1987 till 1993. During this time it had two "facelifts" (C, D versions). Other engines available in this model - 2.6i 150hp (only in 1990 for short time period: 3.0i V6 156hp and 177hp). Some models were 150mm longer than basic version.

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007 relation

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

  • Villain/henchmens vehicle
  • Persuers vehicle

Technical data

  • Manufactor: Opel AG, Germany
  • Model: Senator 3.0i
  • Engine: Type S-6 DOHC 24 valves
  • Power: 204 hp at 6000 rpm
  • Transmission: 5 gears, manual.
  • Brakes: Disks, ventilated in front
  • Perfomance: Max. speed 224 kmh.
    0-100km/h: 9,10sec
  • Length: 4,844 m
  • Width: 1,763 m
  • Height: 1,440 m
  • Weight: 1,570 kg
  • Wheelbase: 2682 mm
  • Number plate: HHF7283