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Ford Ranchero
Oddjob returning from the scrap yard
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Published 27/03-2005
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Episode car - and related to the movie bug:
Ranchero brings mr Solo and (his?) gold after "meeting with press" - packed in Lincoln Continental - back to Goldfinger's ranch. But how can the car with the max load capacity around 500 kg carry the cube which should weight at least 2000 kg (without the gold and mr Solo:) - without significant marks of supercharge ?

This Ranchero model is a second generation of Ford Utility vehicle concept, produced between 1960-1966. Aprox. 120 000 units was produced. (Falcon Ranchero only)

Based on Falcon body Ford designed a smaller, but very economic car (8,1 ltr/100km - almost European standard). Basic engine was 144 cubic inch Falcon Six engine (85hp), optionally Ford offered 170cui (105hp). Later on more powerful engines (260 cui v8 and 289cui v8) were added to the list for DeLuxe options. Lists of standard and optional equipment are much much longer than list of technical parameters - surely Ford was taking care of his customers.

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007 relation

Goldfinger (1964)

  • Villain/henchmens vehicle

Technical data

  • Manufactorer: Ford Motor Company, USA
  • Model: Ford Ranchero (aka Ford Falcon Ranchero)
  • Engine: 144 cui (2.359cm3) - 85 hp
    optional 170 cui (2785 cm3) - 105hp
  • Transmission: 3 gear manual
    (4 gear available in DeLuxe versions)
  • Wheelbase: 109,5 in
  • Loadspace (l*w*h): 72.2*55.6*15.5 in.
  • Fuel consumption: 1 gallon lasts 30 miles (8.1l/100km)
  • Colour: Light Metallic green
  • Number plate: 435-B



  • Ford Motor Company - Ford Motor Company has delivered a lot of cars to the James Bond films.