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AEC Regent III
AEC Regent III
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Published 09/03-2006
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Bond used this vehicle to escape Kananga's men with only one passenger (but how beautiful one...) on board. During a chase scenes the cold-blooded Englishman presented few tricks to eliminate or slow down the chasing opponents... Stunt scenes Roger Moore did personally, taking earlier some driving lessons with London bus instructor. However driving the bus under low bridge was not included - not before support of special effect team who applied the rollers under the top deck. Thanks to this shooting went safely and perfectly, applying a pick of humour to the dramatic chase sequence.

First buses from RT series entered the service in 1947, last one in 1959. This bus entered service in December 1947 and had a quite long service history. Retired in 1972, but almost immediately found a new job of a movie star in the service of Pinewood Studios, who bought them for the current movie. After rework (upper deck on rollers, removing the 90% of the windows, probably painting) the bus was sent in september 1972 to Jamaica for filming - with spare roof of his brother RT2512 just in case... NO information what happened to the vehicle after filming, sadly thinking but the bus could probably have been scrapped.

Many Thanks to Ian Smith for detailed help.

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Technical data

  • Manufacturer: Leyland RT
  • Length: 26 ft
  • Width: 7 ft 6 in
  • Height: 14 ft 3.5 in
  • Wheel-base: 16 ft 4 in
  • Engine: AEC A204 6V engine 9.6 litre; 115hp
  • Gearbox: Wilson preselector epicyclic gearbox with fluid flywheel
  • Chassis: Type 3RT
  • Body: type Park Royal RT8/2, metal frames construction, 4 bays.
  • Capacity: 56 seats (26 + 30)
  • weight (unloaded): 7.5 tons
  • Serial Number: RT-246